As much as I've enjoyed folding Snapology models by Heinz Strobl, I had planned to move onto something else to keep up a little variety.  However, I had the idea of making the small Icosahedron models to give as a reward/incentive to a class of 11-year olds that I team-teach in church.  We had a program in which all of the primary-aged children had speaking and singing parts.  All of the children did a fantastic job, but I was particularly proud of my class.  I had a blast making the models and loved the reaction from each of the kids when they got them.  I had contacted each of their moms to find out their favorite color and used that as the main color for each of them.  Something that I found especially amusing was that of the nine kids (there was five boys and four girls) eight of them said their favorite color was either blue or green (or a variation of one of those colors, like turquoise).  I thought for sure one of the girls would have said purple.  Despite that, I like the several color variations that were created.  By the time I had finished all of them I only had time and light to take one group picture of them.  I was very pleased with all of them, but my favorite color combination is the dark blue and yellow that is second from the left in the bottom corner.

The group picture of Heinz Strobl's Snapology Icosahedron models I made for my Primary class I lead at church.
The link to find the instructions on how to make this particular model are found here.  Enjoy.

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