Origami Star Accessory 4 By Tomoko Fuse

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Designed by Tomoko Fuse
Folded by me (Mariela Recinos)



Origami Star Accessory 3 by Tomoko Fuse

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Designed by Tomoko Fuse
Folded by Me (Mariela Recinos)



Origami Modular Ball

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Origami Winged Hat

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Dear Reader,

Here is another neat hat. This one could pass for Batman's headgear.

Best Regards.


Family Day at Oregon Historical Society Recap

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The event was fun and full of families, elephants (not the real ones), and green (for St. Patrick's Day)! They even had green popcorn and green cotton candies for snack.

These are the artworks I made for display at OHS.

Hindi Goddess Ganesha made in origami
White elephant holding white lotus flower.
The elephant model is from Yasutomo Animal Print Origami package.
The model creator is unknown.

In honor of Packy.

I wanted to create some art pieces that express how elephants are highly regarded both in Hindu and in Buddhism for different reasons. I also created something to honor the birthday elephant, Packy!

My table set up...
This is a box that I always use to hold my business cards.
It was a gift from a group of students that I used to teach.
Coincidentally, it has a beautiful design of elephants on it!
"Elephant Book Corner" had an elephant print chair and a basket full of elephant books.
I had to have a photo taken with my elephant skirt!

While I was at OHS, I ran into some people that I know, including an event coordinator at the Oregon Zoo. She invited me to work at the official celebration of Packy's birthday at the zoo! I will be teaching more people how to make origami elephants, yey! I will be at the Oregon Zoo from 10am to 4pm, on Saturday, April 14. You can read more about the event here.


Buchetel de flori

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 Model: Narcisa
Autor: Hiromi Hayashi
Diagrama:Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets
 Model: Lalea
Autor: Hiromi Hayashi
Diagrama:Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets
 Model: Crin
Autori: Yuri & Katrina Shumakov (Oriland)
Diagrama: Oribana Charm
 Model: Zambila
Diagrama: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/eaglesuker/article?mid=7223&prev=-1&next=7153


May Origami Paper Giveaway is open! Good Luck!

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Hello Origami Maniacs! Here we are again with a new origami paper giveaway for May. I am very happy for my first origami paper giveaway on December. It was a nice experience. As a result, I decided to have a new giveaway in one special month ...........May. In most Latin American countries, Mother's  Day is celebrated on May. That's why I chose this month. This time the giveaway is going to be different. The winner is not going to be chosen by votes. This time, it will be held in Facebook since most of people have a Facebook account. If you want to participate, you just have to follow 3 requirements:

1. Give us a like in Facebook clicking here

After giving us a like in Facebook, you can participate in the giveaway.

2. Send me a mail to origamimaniacs@gmail.com  with the title ENTER ME......containing the following information:
- Your name and your country
- A picture of you
Tell me why you like origami

I will receive  pictures until April 15th. I won't accept any pictures after that day.

3. On April 16th, I will open an album in facebook in https://www.facebook.com/MarielaCatz with the pictures of the participants. You give the link of your picture to your family and friends in order to get likes in your pic.
The person who has more likes in his/her picture, will be the winner of the origami paper giveaway.
So send the picture quickly, and on April 16th, begin asking your friends to help you giving you a like.

The album will be open until May 9th. On My the 10th, I will announce officially the winner of the paper, and I will get in touch with him/her via mail in order to ask for his/her address. If the winner doesn't reply in 24 hours, the second place will be the winner of the paper, and the I will apply the same rule.

So be checking Facebook to know how the contest is going on.
The winner will get these 10 packs of paper. Good Luck to everyone and keep supporting the blog, our channel in Youtube, and our Facebook.


Japanese Origami Paper Giveaway for May

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Hello Origami Maniacs. I had my first origami paper giveaway in Christmas, and I felt so happy with the results. Thanks for all the participants. The winner was Max Moreno from El Salvador. 
Now I am preparing another origami paper giveaway for the coming month of May to anybody in any country of the world. This weekend, I will be posting the rules for the people who want to participate. It will be easier. I think I will do it through facebook, and you can ask for the help of your friends supporting you. The person who has more likes will be the winner. So that means you have to like our page in facebook first.
I will leave all the details this coming weekend, and I will officially open the competition.
Meanwhile, I leave you with the pictures of the origami paper I will send to the lucky winner. Also, I leave you the picture of Max Moreno with the paper he received for the Christmas giveaway. Good luck and visit the blog next Saturday for know how to enter the paper giveaway. Don't forget to give us a like in facebook.

The lucky winner of Christmas origami paper giveaway Max Moreno from El Salvador