Family Day Event at Oregon Historical Society

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I am about to have a honor of celebrating an elephant's birthday, for the second time in my life!  First time was when Sam was born at the Oregon Zoo, in 2008.  Soon after he was born, I was there working at their annual World Animal Festival, and I made a whole bunch of origami elephants for the visitors.

My second time celebrating a birthday of an elephant is going to be for Packy's 50th birthday!  I got invited to his birthday celebration at the Oregon Historical Society, to teach the visitors how to make origami elephants.

This is going to be free admission, Family Day Event on Saturday, March 17.  I will be there from 11am to 3pm.  There will be lots of fun entertainment and activities, including live music, live animal guests from the zoo, a lecture about elephants, live art demo, treats, balloons, and of course, origami.  I will display some origami elephant artwork of mine as well.

I won't post any photos of my elephant artwork here just yet, but here is an painting that I got inspirations from.  This is a hand painted art piece purchased in India.  It's kind of small (only about 20cm x 55cm), but it has so much details.  Isn't it beautiful?

Unfortunately, no signature of the painter.
Here is a close-up...

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