Harajuku and Sugamo

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At the end of our trip to Japan, we stopped in Tokyo for a night.  I know that a lot of foreigners are still afraid of going to Tokyo for possible exposure to radiation, but I believe it is safe, at least for adults without children to visit.  We stayed at a hotel right by Mejiro station.  Mejiro is on the Yamanote Line, which is the main railway in Tokyo that goes in circles.  The hotel was close to everything we wanted to go, had lots of shops and restaurants around, and best of all, it was only less than US$100 including yummy breakfast buffet.

From our hotel, we visited two different districts.  We went to Harajuku, which is where young people like to go to hang out at the shops, restaurants and bars.  We went there at night for a taproom that my partner wanted to visit for beer, and it was very busy.  By the time we got out of the taproom, most shops around there were closed.  I loved their mural artwork on the roll-up doors, though.

Another district that we visited is Sugamo, which is known as "Harajuku for the old ladies."  There is a street with a temple with a Jizo (Bodhisattva portrayed as a monk) and shops for older generation.  In comparison to Harajuku, Sugamo is more traditional and less western influenced.

A street view of Sugamo

A dried fish shop

Japanese sweet shop

These two districts are very different in contrast, but we really enjoyed visiting both places.  I guess we are somewhere between young and old.


Wearable Origami

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I've been so busy that I had forgotten to post about another new program I am offering at the libraries this summer!  The program is called Wearable Origami, and it's about making jewelry and accessories out of paper.  I will show how to make origami rings, bracelets and other accesories that people can actually wear.  It's a teen program, but it's not too difficult even for grade school age children so younger ones are welcome as well.

I taught how to make the origami rings to my nieces during my visit back home.  They got so excited that they each decided to make a few.

Note: the funny face on their table is of Anpanman, a Japanese cartoon character.  He is a superhero with a face of a red bean paste bun and very popular among Japanese kids.

Here is my niece showing off her sparkly rings.  They are made of metallic origami papers but can be made of gum wrappers instead.  Fun!

I also made an origami fan with my niece.  After she was done folding it, I told her she could decorate it however she wanted.  Within the 10 minutes she had before school, she whipped up a collage cupcake (?) and a bow to go on top of the fan.  I am so proud of her creativity!

Both the ring and the fan, as well as more fun items will be introduced in Wearable Origami program.

Sunday, July 17   2:30-4pm at Holgate Library
Wednesday, July 20   4:30-5:30pm Midland Library
Sunday, July 24, 2011   2-3pm Hollywood Library
Wednesday, August 3   5:30-6:30pm Albina Library
Saturday, August 6   2-3pm at Gregory Heights Library


Set Oriro decorat

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Big oririo:
90 de module oriro 8cm x 4cm
32 flori morning glory: 20 flori cu 6 petale de dimensiune: 6cm x 6cm patratul, 12 flori cu 5 petale de dimensiune 5cm x 5cm
32 de trandafirasi: 20 din fasii cu latimea de 1cm si 12 din fasii cu latimea de 0.5cm

30 de module 8cm x 4cm
12 flori de morning glory cu petale de dimensiune 5cm x 5cm
12 trandafirasi din fasii cu latimea de 0.5cm


A visit to a Japanese grade school

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While I was at home in Japan, the grade school that my nieces go to was having an Open House.  This also happened to be the school where I attended as a child.  Any family member was welcome to visit, so I went.  I felt nostalgic to visit, especially since much of it seemed just the same even after all these years.  I was also glad to see how my nieces are doing at school.  My littlest niece was learning hiragana in her classroom during my visit. 

The older one was in a swimming lesson. 

They were both so enthusiastic, happy to show off how they are doing at school.  After visiting them, I enjoyed looking at the children's artwork displayed all over the school.

The last photo is of the school entrance.  In a Japanese school, there are usually shoe cupboards at the entrance because they change into indoor shoes from outdoor shoes when they enter the school building.  Isn't it a nice custom, to keep the building nice and clean?

It's a public school in a small town in Japan, which can't be more different from the school that I've been working at (a private Montessori in an urban setting in the United States).  I feel strange that I ended up there from the environment that I grew up in.


My Trip to Japan

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Since I got over a week off work between my jobs recently, I went to visit my home in Japan with my husband.  We made a last minute decision to go so we were spinning our heads around to get ready.  But the trip was well worth the hustles.  We spent a lot of time with my family.  We took a chartered fishing trip with my siblings, which was especially memorable.

Of course, I didn't forget to bring my origami spirit with me to the trip.  I did some origami with my nieces who are now in grade school.  I stocked up on a bunch of origami papers.  I visited Origami House Gallery in Tokyo as well as the Origami Museum at Narita Airport.

Just as soon as I returned to Portland I got busy working at my annual arts camp job, but I'd like to blog about my recent trip whenever I find time. Besides all the origami inspiration, I also want to report the effects that I saw from the March 11th disaster.

Although my hometown area is not directly affected by the earthquake or the tsunami, there are some "side effects."  One of which is that the government recently ordered to stop operating the nuclear power plants near my hometown, which is located on the coastline and near the epicenter of another great earthquake predicted in the future.  Because of this decision, the people are making effort to save power and refraining the use of AC, making the summer extra hot.  The photo below is of a sign that I often saw, which says "Stay Strong, Tohoku.  Stay Strong, Japan."  It seemed that this phrase is becoming like a national slogan.


Bubble Drop

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Inca un model modular, dar la care am folosit lipici, deoarece tot se desfaceau modulele. Este alcatuit din 30 de module, fiecare modul fiind alcatuit din 3 unitati foarte usor de impaturit. Autorul modelului este Miyuki Kawamura, iar diagrama o gasiti in Liverpool Convention Pack 2008 (tutorialul-aici).

Bubble Drop by Miyuki Kawamura


Set Oriro

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Modele: Oriro - 90 piese (big Oriro), 30 piese si 6 piese
Autor: Adina Paun
Diagrama: http://forum.origami-romania.ro/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=384

Acesta este primul model de kusudama inventat in Romania (din cate stiu eu), am fost fascinata de modelul de 90 de piese dar nu m-am incumetat sa-l fac pana acum.
Mai multe variatiuni decorate cu flori de morning glory si venus gasiti pe blogul Adinei, la urmatorul link: http://art-origami.blogspot.com/2010/11/big-oriro-x-5.html
Voi reveni in curand cu varianta decorata :)



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Mais um dia de Encontro... dessa vez, só fui como monitora...
Fiquei ajudando na oficina da Sayuri, que ensinou as famosas bonequinhas...
Claro que foi um sucesso!! A sala estava super lotada de gente! ^^
Depois, uma tchurma foi ao Shopping Eldorado, fazer um happy hour e bater-papo...

Bem, mas não vou postar fotos do Encontro... vim postar alguns origamis que o Ro fez esses dias... aqui em casa não sou só eu que dobro... tenho um marido que faz coisas lindas!
A última foto era para ser uma maçã verde...ele ficou frustrado quando descobriu que estava fazendo um tomate... então apelidei de "tomate maçã". ^^
Mesmo assim achei que ficou legal!!

Bom, boa semana a todos e fiquem atentos ao meu Facebook, para ver as fotos de hoje.



Encontro Internacional de Origami - São Paulo

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Ontem, finalmente consegui ir ao Encontro de Origami que está acontecendo no Sesc Pinheiros.
Nossaaaa!! Tuuuuddooooo de booommmmm!! ^^
Reencontrei pessoas que não via há muito tempo (desde o encontro em Beagá), conheci várias pessoas e conversei com outras tantas...
O dia começou com um passeio pelo bairro da Liberdade... cheguei atrasada, mas logo consegui identificar o grupo na livraria... um monte de gente com chapéu feito de jornal... logo me juntei a eles... ^^
Levamos o pessoal para comprar papeis em várias lojinhas, depois paramos para tomar um café e fomos para o encontro.

Passeio pela Liberdade

Fiz a oficina do Aldo e acabei cedendo o meu lugar na da Eva, preferi ficar ajudando (ou tentando... rs).
Colibri de Aldo
Meus colibris... tadinhos... rsss
Agnes, Aldo, Maité, Leroy e eu... ^^
Eva e eu.. ^^

Mais fotos estão sendo postadas no meu Facebook.

Hoje tem maissss!! ^^



Oriland Castle

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Model: Castle of Oriville
Autori: Yuri & Katrina Shumakov (Oriland)
Diagrama: Oriville Castle
Nr. bucati de hartie: 382

Model: Fetita si baiat
Autori: Yuri & Katrina Shumakov (Oriland)
Diagrama:Origami little people

Model: Pegas
Autor: Hojyo Takashi
Diagrama: ORU Magazine #4


Sorteio - Papel e Expressão

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Participem do Sorteio do blog Papel e Expressão e concorram a uma linda carteira de Orinuno. ^^
Eu já estou paricipando... rs