A visit to a Japanese grade school

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While I was at home in Japan, the grade school that my nieces go to was having an Open House.  This also happened to be the school where I attended as a child.  Any family member was welcome to visit, so I went.  I felt nostalgic to visit, especially since much of it seemed just the same even after all these years.  I was also glad to see how my nieces are doing at school.  My littlest niece was learning hiragana in her classroom during my visit. 

The older one was in a swimming lesson. 

They were both so enthusiastic, happy to show off how they are doing at school.  After visiting them, I enjoyed looking at the children's artwork displayed all over the school.

The last photo is of the school entrance.  In a Japanese school, there are usually shoe cupboards at the entrance because they change into indoor shoes from outdoor shoes when they enter the school building.  Isn't it a nice custom, to keep the building nice and clean?

It's a public school in a small town in Japan, which can't be more different from the school that I've been working at (a private Montessori in an urban setting in the United States).  I feel strange that I ended up there from the environment that I grew up in.

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