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A couple of weeks ago, i left Romania to go to one of the most beautiful countries in the World ( in my opinion ) - New Zealand.
Its amaizing landscapes, its rich culture, rugby, cricket, silver ferns, greenstones but most of all, its great and joyful people, made me love this country as much as i love my own.
To get here i flu over 40 exhausting hours and i changed 3 airplanes, but it's a great journey, one that is worth the effort.
One of the tranzit airports was Narita - Tokyo's airport. I can honestly say it's one of the most beautiful and full of facilities airports i have ever seen ( free internet, shower rooms, resting rooms ).
I am ashamed to say that i didn't have the courage to go out the airport ( i was alone and my orientation skills are not exactly brilliant.. ), but i could still taste a bit of the Japanese culture.
And when i left Tokyo, at thousands of miles altitude, Japan gave me an amaizing present: the chance to see Mount Fuji:

And a beautiful sunset in the Japanese skies:

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