Origami Dress-Up Paper Dolls

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When I was little, one of the most favorite things to play with was dress-up paper dolls, which kind of explains why I love playing dress-up.  If you have met me in person you probably have noticed me with a weird skirt one day or another.  I have a collection of skirts... and I know they are all weird...  I love fun, novelty prints not only for skirts but also for origami papers.  And I have a collection of pretty print origami papers also.

So you can imagine how I got excited when I found an instruction book on how to make dress-up paper dolls in origami.  The book is called 折り紙きせかえ人形, written by Makoto Yamaguchi, a renown origami artist in Japan.  Many of his books are translated into English, but unfortunately not this one.  When it comes to origami instructions, though you can usually understand it just from diagrams so it doesn't really matter even if it is written in a language that you don't know.  Most origami paper packages are from Japan and come with instructions written in Japanese, but my American students still use those.

Last week I ordered this book at Kinokuniya Bookstore which is inside of Uwajimaya in Beaverton and am still waiting to receive it.  It is very well reviewed on Amazon Japan.  Oh I can't wait to get it!  I will review it on this blog later. 

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