With Valentine's Day about a month away I've been practicing some of the heart and flower models that I love to fold and give away.  Here I'll show my favorite heart-shaped models.  There are entire books on heart-shaped origami, so this is but a small sample of what's out there.  But these are some of my favorites:

This first model is a letterfold.  I love letterfolds; they're a fun way to pass a small note to someone.  This one is particularly fun since its heart-shaped, making it a great way to give a love note to someone for Valentine's Day.  (You could even put something a little more sappy on the front instead of "open me"; something to the effect that the giver of the note is opening their heart to the receiver :)
Here is the heart-shaped letterfold opened up.  This model was designed by Alice Gray and Michael Shall.  The diagram can be found in the book The Magic of Origami by Alice Gray and Kunihiko Kasahara (with cooperation of Lillian Oppenheimer and Origami Center of America). 
This model is called 'Change of Heart'.  When dining out and leaving a tip for the waiting help, I always enjoy folding the tip into something fun.  This is a fantastic model because a US quarter fits into the center perfectly.  I can't remember exactly where I got the PDF form of the diagram that I have, but this model is found in several different places on the Internet by searching "Change of Heart Origami".
This model is called 'Double Heart' and designed by Steve Biddle.  It can be found in the book Essential Origami: How to Build Dozens of Models From Just 10 Easy Bases by Steve and Megumi Biddle.  Its folded from a single sheet of square paper with no cutting required; one of the reasons I love this model so much.  The folds are very basic and simple, making it a great model to start with and learn.
This model is designed by Francis Ow, who has an entire book on origami hearts; he has some incredible models.  The model is called 'Double Hearts'.  Again this is folded from a single sheet of paper with no cutting needed.  The diagram can be found in the book by Steve and Megumi Biddle, The New Origami.

This model is also designed by the great Francis Ow and the diagram can also be found in The New Origami by Steve and Megumi Biddle.  Its titled 'On The Wings of Love'.  This model is probably the most difficult of the ones I've shown here, but still not terribly hard; the wings being the hardest part. 

Here is a shot of the origami heart collection just shown to give a size comparison.

 I love giving origami for any occasion, and Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to do just that.  Enjoy :)

Here are some further links to find the books or diagrams to the models:

The 'Valentine Letterfold':

A video for the 'Change of Heart' can be found here.

'Double Heart' by Steve Biddle:

'Double Hearts' & 'On The Wings of Love' by Francis Ow:

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