Valentine's Day Origami

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I just went to teach a class at an assisted living facility for seniors.  I've enjoyed the privilege of doing this almost every month for the last two years.  It's a very rewarding and invigorating job for me especially since I believe in life-long learning.

I also believe that seniors can benefit so much from folding paper.  Many seniors suffer from arthritis so folding paper is a good rehabilitation for their hands.  It helps them to stay sharp as well, because origami is an excise that stimulates both right and left sides of the brains.  One of the residents who always come to my class is Japanese, and I suppose that doing origami helps her feel rooted to her heritage so that is another benefit for someone like her.

I love celebrating seasons and holidays, so this time I taught it in the theme of Valentine's Day.  There are so many different origami hearts, like you can see.  All of these models are from Origami Club.

But there wasn't enough time to make them all, so I showed them just two things: the heart with wings, and the heart charm.

I always try to select models that the residents can give out as gifts or use in their rooms as decorations.

Here is my dog wearing the heart as a dog tag.

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