Evacuee children making paper cranes

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I just read a Japanese news article about a group of 27 evacuee children making paper cranes at an evacuation center.  It's in Japanese but there is a small photo.  Here is the link.

Their goal is to make 10,000 paper cranes, with a wish to overcome this disaster.  Their school principal suggested doing this, hoping that it will bring them a project to take on and a sense of coming together.  They don't have access to origami papers, so they are folding out of newspaper cutouts.  Older evacuees and volunteers joined to help, and so far they have made 3,200.

An 8-year-old boy said his house and toys got swept away but wants to go home so he is folding.  A 6-year-old girl, who is about to enter grade school and lost her older brother by the tsunami, said she lost her brand new school bag, so she is wishing it to be back.  They are working hard with their little hands.

I hope they will get their wishes soon!

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