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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make a sign with the children at my school.  The sign was to urge car drivers around our playground to slow down.  Without a doubt, I decided to make the sign in origami.  I know the instructions for origami alphabet letters.  I taught each child to make one letter from one sheet of square.  We just finished making the sign, laminated it and hung it up on the fence with zip ties.  Here is what it looks like.

This sign stands out so well even from across the street!  For the origami alphabet letters, we used what's called The Greengrocer's Brownbag Paper, cut to 8.5x8.5 square from letter size.  100% recycled, this paper is grocery sack brown on one side and cranberry tint color on the other.  In order to be readable, each alphabet letter needs to be made by a squared paper that is different color on each side, and the back side color needs to be the same as the background color (make sense?).  So using the brown bag/cranberry tinted papers for letters and a piece of natural brown butcher paper for the background worked out very well.

Here is another origami alphabet letter sign that I made a while back, using regular origami papers for letters, glued on white background.  The stand is made by origami too.

Origami Club has the instructions for origami alphabet.  There are two sets of fonts!

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