While in Japan, I visited two origami exhibits that were both amazing.  One was Origami House Gallery, operated by one of my favorite origami artists, Makoto Yamaguchi.  In the glass showcases, I saw a lot of pieces by Satoshi Kamiya and Eric Joisel, both of whom were featured in Between the Folds documentary.  They create the most complex and realistic origami models that I have ever seen.  I didn't take any photos there because they don't allow it, but you can see some of the artworks in their website here.  There, I also found out about Japan Origami Academic Society and became a member.

The other origami exhibit that I visited was Nippon Origami Museum at Narita Airport.  I have been there when I traveled through Narita last time, but I'm glad to visit there again and to snap some photos.  I snapped these photos so quickly before I boarded the plane that I forgot to include most of the artists exhibiting work.  I am terribly sorry.

There were just too many art pieces to share in this blog but the photos above are of some of my favorites.  Compared to the artworks that I saw at Origami House, these are closer to my style so I can relate more.

Next time when I visit back home in Japan, I would love to visit Nippon Origami Museum in Ishikawa-ken.  I've been wanting to go there for quite some time now, but I just didn't have time to make it this time.  It's supposed to be the biggest origami museum in the world!

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