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Not to be confused with origami.  Origami means folding paper in Japanese.  Orizomegami means folding and dyeing paper. It is a paper dyeing method that is used to create patterns on liquid absorbent paper.  This art form is relatively inexpensive and also easy to learn and to achieve beautiful result.  The finished product can be used as gift wrap, book cover, collage material, or anything else imaginable.

Recently, I went to teach an orizomegami workshop for teens at a library just outside of Portland.  They experimented with different folding patterns, papers and colors.  Of course, it came out different every time, like an kaleidoscope.  The moment of unfolding paper to see the result is an exciting, kind of like opening a present!

After papers were dried, we made greeting cards out of the dyed papers.  Here is a card that one of the teens created for her mom's birthday.  She said the dyed paper (coffee filter) is an umbrella.  It really does look like an Asian umbrella!  Beautiful!

I've made greeting cards with orizomegami before, but I had never thought of using the round ones like this.  I got so inspired that I made a greeting card using a dyed coffee filter as a sunburst, with a gold origami crane flying into the sun.  I should've had the photo of it, but I just realized that I already sold it at my camp auction.  I gotta have to make another one to post it here...

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