Happy Chinese New Year!

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Long time no blog...  I've been quite sluggish ever since the holiday season.  But I just had my monthly origami class at a senior residency, and I thought I would share the experience through my blog because it was a lot of fun!

The residency had a monthly theme of China for January so I decided that we make an origami pagoda.  Each participant made one tier in different size, and I stacked them together.  It came out to be an 11 tier pagoda!  This was a project that I had never offered before so I was not quite sure if a tall paper building like this could stand on its own, but it did!  Pretty cool!

Before the class I had made a sign that says Happy New Year in Chinese, using red and gold, which are auspicious colors for Chinese.  Everyone put her/his signature on it, and I displayed the pagoda and the sign together.


As for the origami pagoda model I used, I'm not sure where I got it originally, but I've seen it all over origami books so perhaps it is densho.  It might even be Chinese densho.  Here is one instruction I found online.

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