Holographic Paper

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         There are so many kinds of origami paper around the world. Nevertheless, Japanese paper is unique for its exquisite designs and beauty. There is a broad variety of styles and colors. We sell original origami paper for a very reasonable price. Here you have some of the products we offer. If you are interested in getting any of them, you can write to me to my mail origamimaniacs@gmail.com. You pay for the product and  the shipping and handling is totally free if you buy ten pockets or more. It would be a pleasure for us to supply your paper. In the near future, the variety we offer will be wider, and of course I will post the pictures. All the packs of paper are $5.00


 The biggest origami paper are holographic paper. If you need even bigger paper, try buying a roll of wrapping paper and cutting it to size with a cutting tool.

                        PAPER WE OFFER

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