Chestit imen den, Elena!

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This pink crane is called Elena. I think it is a pretty name, and I think you'll agree she is a pretty crane. Elena is a classical Bulgarian girl's name, and so she is right at home here in Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria, and one of its many classical old towns.
Despite the green backdrop, Elena is actually resting alongside Gurko street, one of the oldest streets in Veliko Tarnovo. Some of the houses on Gurko street have been there for over 300 years; I doubt Elena will stay so long! It is a popular street for tourists, who enjoy walking along it and taking photographs of the impressive views over the Yantra River and the art gallery and monument of the four horsemen, visible here in the background. Elena is, as I said, a very Bulgarian crane - in touch with her roots and traditions, but not afraid to look outwards and forwards, facing the modern world. So Gurko street is a good place for her to rest a while. She is sure to meet people from all over the world here, and who knows where they will take her? But for now, as you can see, she is very comfortable and happy in her leafy repose.
One other point about Elena is that today - 21st of May - is her name day. This is another Bulgarian tradition: Name Days. Most Bulgarians share their name with an Orthodox saint, and the saint's day is also that person's name day. On a name day, it is the custom for anyone with that name to celebrate with their friends, and to present sweets or chocolates to friends, family and colleagues. So perhaps whoever finds Elena will be given chocolate. It wouldn't be asking too much in return to give this simple little crane a home, would it?

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