Oceanside, Oregon

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Last weekend I had a trip to Oceanside with my family and a couple of our good friends. Not to be confused with Oceanside, California, Oceanside, Oregon is a tiny coastal town near Tillamook, about 1.5 hours drive from Portland. The town is filled with vacation homes and rentals, and we stayed at one of them. The house was comfortable, dog-friendly, and had ocean view. Highly recommended, if you love to relax in laid-back, quiet beaches. (The house is this one, in case you are wondering.)

Under the beautiful weather we enjoyed strolling down to the beach at low tide for tide pooling, watching paragliders, eating lots of good food and hanging out on the deck.

My dog LOVES running on beach, as you can see.
The woman who is hunching back like a grandma is me, beach combing.

There happened to be a paragliding event going on.
My friend found a plastic bottle on the beach.
From the bottle cap (AQUARIUS) I identified that it's from Japan.
Barnicles on a rock wall look like reptile skin.
It grosses me out. I'm not sure why because I'm not afraid of reptiles.
I painted a sand dollar with pearlescent watercolors.
The mussel on the left is unpainted.

Have you ever thought that there is a face on a crab shell?
I've always thought that.
So when I found this crab shell, I enhanced his face with a permanent marker.

A tiny clam shell that I folded out of a silver foil origami paper.
The model diagram is from here.

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