Local Artist Spotlight: Tommy Twimble

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This is Thomas Schroyer, aka Tommy Twimble.  He is a vaudeville performer.  Strange things happen sometimes in Thomas' presence, either on or off stage.  When I took this photo, during a hike, he was almost kidnapped by a Bigfoot.

I've known Thomas as a friend for over a decade.  As long as I've known him he has always been incredibly creative and unconventional.  Besides being Twimble I've known him as a musician, a puppeteer, an iron sculptor, etc etc...  But Thomas as Twimble is my favorite of all.  He is like a clown, but without annoying pranks and creepy colorful makeups of a typical clown.  I love his sense of humor!  Thomas creates everything from music, props, and plots for his shows.  Here is a little peek of what his shows are like on Youtube:

Thomas performs as Tommy Twimble at theaters, night venues, libraries, schools, festivals, and at other special events.  Check out his website: http://tommytwimble.com/ for upcoming shows or show requests.

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