Origami in Everyday Lives of Japan

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Wherever I went out and about in Japan, I noticed that origami was folded into people's everyday lives, literally.  And whenever I found origami decorations in public, I took photos.  Here are some of the photos I took.

At Narita Station
Welcome to Japan poster made with origami

At a hotspring resort.
Halloween decorations that guests participated to make.

At a bookstore.
Featured books were decorated with origami.

In front of a flower shop.
A sign for tulip bulbs makes you want to buy them.

On a street.
I found a ninja star someone had left behind.

In a display case at Hiroshima Castle.
Origami samurai hats were made by children in Hiroshima.

A poster in front of a souvenir shop in Hiroshima.
Hello Kitty riding a paper crane, cuuuute!

Last but not least, at a fruit stand.
It's a tangerine orange stand that my parents have.
Of course I'm the one who made the decorations.

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