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I just received a nice comment saying that my postings on ways to benefit Japan were helpful.  Even though I've been writing a lot about Japan lately, I am now inspired to write another one again.

Mercy Corps has a program called Comfort for Kids, which recovers the emotional traumas that the young survivors are experiencing from this disaster.  Ever since the initial earthquake and tsunami on March 11, there has been so many aftershocks.  The crisis with the nuclear reactors still remains serious.  There has also been a lot of rain in the northern Japan in the last couple of days, which could cause a landslide.  They must be so scared, beyond our imaginations.  I'm so grateful that Mercy Corps is responding to not only physical needs but also emotional needs of the children, who are probably most traumatized.

As a part of their Comfort for Kids program, Mercy Corps is asking people to leave messages of comfort and encouragement, which they will translate to Japanese and give to the little survivors.  You can leave your message here.

I haven't left my message there yet.  I find it hard to try to write a comforting note to someone who is experiencing possibly the worst thing anyone could go through in life.  But I have some ideas of what I'm going to write, and I will write one, eventually.  I'm sure that the children have heard so many "Hang in there," so rather than using those phrases, I want to tell them to take it easy on themselves.  Cry when they want to.  Rely on people who offer to help them.  Always look for enjoyable things in life.

But I think any kind words would be nice for them to receive.  The whole point of this project is to let them know that so many of us care about them.

What the people lost in this disaster are tremendous, but I hope that their emotional pains will eventually heal.

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