Japan Benefit Auction!

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There will be an arts & crafts fundraiser (silent auction) for Japan!

I donated two framed pieces I folded and put together, titled "Origami Ninja Star Quilt."

I also decided to donate 3 bags that are handmade by my aunt, who is an amazing quilting artist/seamstress.  She has been quilting for about 30 years and uses a lot of vintage kimono fabric for her work.

This one is a Bento Bag, typically used to hold a Japanese style bento box and such, but as you can see, it's big enough to hold American style lunch.  It even has an outside pocket for tea bags, etc.  (I put stuff in the bag just to take this photo, but it's actually brand new.)

Here is a quilted bag with drawstring, made with kasuri (Japanese ikat) fabric.  Perfect size to put crafting/knitting/crocheting materials.  Again, this bag is never used.

This last one is zippered bag that is perfect to hold A4 size folders or notebooks.  This fabric is Oshima Tsumugi, a special silk made in a small island off Kyushu.  I hear that the process of making this kimono fabric is extremely long and complicated (My aunt didn't make the fabric, she just used it).  As you can see, the pattern is so intricate and beautiful.  Never used of course.

I went to drop off my donations to the auction organizer today, and I got to see some really cool handmade items!  I don't have any photos, but there were knitted and crocheted clothing and accessories, handmade necklaces, earrings, purses, stuffed dolls, photographs, paintings, drawings, pop art prints, books, felted goods, to name a few.

I hope that there will be a lot of people to bit on items at the auction!

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