Origami Magic Rose Cube

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I haven't checked on YouTube much for origami instructions, but I stumbled upon one that was really cool so I thought to introduce it here.  It's a cube that turns into a rose (and vice versa).

It's an unit origami which requires folding 6 pieces total (3 for petals and 3 for leaves).  I'm actually not a big fan of unit origami because I get tired of folding the same way over and over, but 6 pieces aren't too bad.  There is one folding step that is a little tricky (squash-folding along some creases part).  You'll see which step I'm talking about when you watch the video.  Most likely, you will have to fold as you watch the video and then pause after every step.

I just purchased some new packages of origami papers at Art Media, and I found them perfect for this rose cube because each piece of paper is the same color on both sides.  There were 2 sizes of package: 6x6 for about $10 and 4x4 for about $6.  Each package has 500 sheets and 10 colors.  I was surprised when I found these because they are made in Germany!  I had never seen origami papers that are not made in Japan before.  These German origami papers have different texture from Japanese ones, but they fold just fine.

Good luck making this and Have fun!

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