Despite the rainy/snowy cold weather, I was busy having an origami Hina doll making workshop at the Japanese Garden last Saturday.  And thanks to my helper it went pretty smoothly.  Making dolls and flowers with pretty colors of paper make me feel girlie.  It was fun!

Here is what my Hina doll diorama looked like...

Lolipop heads and bead eyes... but everything else made of paper.
My booth.  My lovely assistant in the background.

In the pavilion where I had the workshop, they also had displays of beautiful seven-tiered Hina dolls, as well as some artworks (watercolor paintings and ikebana flower arrangements).

Photo by Jonathan Levy, borrowed from the Japanese Garden website
(because my photos didn't come out well)
Ohara style ikebana  & Painting by Stephen Futscher

I got to enjoy exploring the garden after the workshop.  No matter what time of year I visit there it is always so beautiful.  I love that it always looks different reflecting each season.

Very "mossy" this time of year.
I love the curly branches of this tree.

Beautiful detailing of the woodwork...
The geometric pattern of this stone lantern's window reminds me of chiyogami. 
Perhaps I am workaholic...

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