I will be working at anther beautiful "Garden" later this month!  This time, at the Portland Japanese Garden, for Hina Matsuri, the Japanese Doll Festival.  I will be offering a simple origami Hina doll making workshop in a drop-in setting.  The photo below is a sample of what I will teach to make.  It's a greeting card which can be used for Hina Matsuri or a wedding.

I will also have a display of my own little origami Hina doll diorama, of which I won't include a photo because I want it to be a surprise!  All I can say is that it came out cute, and I'm proud of it.  After the workshop I will post a photo here.

The workshop will be offered for free with garden admission on Sunday, February 25th from noon to 3pm.  It will be offered inside of their pavilion, where they will also have display of their gorgeous seven-tiered Hina dolls.

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