I finally buckled down and finished a magic origami star for my middle son.  With this one, I was able to try out another variation of the the 'walk-around' pattern; this time with two colors.  The green and red colors both walk around the model.  Even the two spots of green walk around for a lot of the model; although there is a point when the green actually breaks.

This is the Origami Magic Star that I made for my middle son. He's not real picky when it comes to his favorite colors, so my wife just picked some basic colors.
Here is a clip of the red and blue walking around the model:

Here is a video of the extra large star:

Here is one more video showing the comparison of the extra large Origami Star & one of the 'regular' stars:

Here are the patterns for making the two different models that walk around the model. This is the pattern to use if only one color walks around the model:
If this pattern is used the orange would continuously walk around the model. The models are composed of 6 different rings that assembled together. This is the same pattern presentation that the authors use in the E-book.
Here is the pattern if you want two colors to walk around the model:

In this pattern both the orange and blue walk around the model.
Here is the link to purchase the E-book for the Oriland Origami Magic Star.  Oriland has done some amazing work. I have a few of their CD's and am looking forward to folding more and posting the pictures.

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