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So, my wife blogs. In fact she maintains two different blogs, one for our family and one for preschool activities that she does with our children. I love her blogs. I look forward to when she updates them & get excited to go visit them (even though I was present for whatever she happens to be blogging about the majority of the time or even in the pictures that she posts) and read the posts. After she started blogging on a regular basis, she set up this blog for me to share the origami that I fold with others. As you can probably see I have done absolutely nothing with it since it was created over 2 years ago :( Oops. Well, that's about to change. I'm at least going to begin by posting some pictures of old models that I have folded. I'm not going to claim that I'll post on a regular basis, or set any kind of schedule; but I will use the blog.

So, here I go. I hope anyone that visits enjoys what I share. I'll be posting some pictures soon.

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