A Crain on a Train

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The next traveler is changing his location fast, so that's why we won't be able to give you GPS coordinates this time. This story is written directly by Boyan, who probably wrote it in his phone. My digitized friend uses his phone all the time and, amazingly, he really uses it, and he creates some very good stuff with it. I use my phone only for checking my mail, Google calendar and of course Facebook. But Boyan - he writes, he blogs, he chats, he cheats with it...

And how do you think this little origami got lost in the vast world of carriages, locomotives, rails and power. Perhaps it needed some rest from its publicity and just grab the first machine to a land of unknown new people, places and possibilities. As it turns out this little cellulose bird has its origins in the world of railway transportation as it had been diligently and a bit shakily folded from a Maastricht – Vise train ticket. This did not make it any less willing to get picked up and caressed by likeminded travelers, who come to pass by it. But where was this enormous clunking and clattering machine taking this little, fragile being? Well, it seems that it was on its way to Brussels, Belgium, the capital of the European Union. But this is simply a stop along its way, ending at Belgium’s sea front- a town called Ostende, or the East End. There it will be greeted by peace and tranquility, interrupted promptly by the screech of seagulls and small children running around their parents and throwing sand on everyone’s towels. And I can agree and I think you would as well Mr/Ms.. Reader that it will have a marvellous time. Let us just hope it is being taken care of by that special someone, who picks him up and gives him a loving home in the palm of their hand. 

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