Sofia Origami Travellers Part 3

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The paper for Number 3 comes from a little squared print which GP "borrowed" from the paper cake cafe. The boys had a beer there with some guy they met online.
I really like this one and it looks so natural at the place where GP put it. I actually wonder if it is possible for it not to be discovered at all.
It's very possible for that to happen in Bulgaria. I used to work for an advertising company. All my colleagues were male. And (nothing personal or sexist) men prefer to have "artistic chaos" on their desks. I left that place more than one and a half years ago but one week ago I had a call from one of my ex-colleagues. He said, "Itso (my ex-boss) decided to clean his desk (apparently my desk was his now) and he found a copy of a diploma and its not his, or at least he doesn't remember knowing a girl named Marina. So, my question is - do you know some curly girl with the name of Marina?". I started laughing of course. Yeah, I knew this girl and the copy of the diploma was left by me on that desk. However this piece of paper stayed there for more than one and a half years before being discovered. I really hope that it won't happen with the cranes. The good thing is that it was discovered and they searched for the owner, so as the proverb says "Better later, than never".

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