Origami Number Two (이)

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The first post is with Number Two because Number One is still somewhere travelling in Bulgaria and hasn't stopped yet.
Sweet green Number Two was made by me in one sunny afternoon, when I was not sure why I am making it.  Still I decided to give him a name (yes, Number Two is a boy). So his name is 이 (pronounced Yi), which actually means "two" in Korean.
I was drinking coffee outside and the sun was shining so nicely. I listened to this new amazing Swedish girl I recently discovered Likke Li and she was singing how she will follow her man everywhere, like a river - till the end. And since I was waiting for a girl, not a man, I decided to make myself a nice boy, who can fly and follow me. I really hope that Yi won't get lost and will find someone who will like his story and take care for him.

I gave Yi to Gogo because he is one of the luckiest people I have met and I was sure that my crane won't be lost if he leaves it somewhere. Gogo has the ability of forgetting on strange places so many important things - from keys and wallets, to his all photo equipment. Fortunately, he always finds them. He left Yi at one coffee shop in Ruse, Bulgaria.

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