Sofia Origami Travellers Part 1

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GP is working hard. Yesterday he spread three paper cranes around Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. He continues to use whatever he finds to fold them - from newspapers to maps. This time the crane is s made of flier for a  Free Walk Sofia Tour upon which Gian Paolo and Bryan stumbled after wandering through the city for 5 minutes without a map. The origami rests on the fence of St Aleksandar Nevski cathedral. 

The name of this little fellow is St Nicholas. His name originates from GPs subconsciousness because he named the picture that way. Why? He is not sure. Nor am I. But nothing is a coincidence so I decided to name this little traveller St Nicholas. If someone is lucky to find and keep him, he/she will have a saint-origami, maybe the first one from his kind. And not to forget - the very useful flier for free tour in Sofia.      

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