Aisling - the origami lady

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I decided to start updating with the story of one fine Irish lady. Her name is Aisling and she was left by the beach in Bray. Her amazing story is told by Henry. Henry, who is very talented writer (and maybe even more ironic than one of my favorite writers, who has a similar nickname O'Henry), is also real gentleman and he usually does not leave a lady alone but this one needed to be free.
I made Aisling during awfully boring and unfair mach between Man U and QPR. Oh, here is very important to mention that Henry loves to watch football and drink beer, which is absolutely normal for an Irish guy. So, while I was visiting him for Easter we had to watch our favorite team. Of course the team is Manchester United. So during the first half, after unfair penalty, I started making origami. Unfortunately I did't have papers, so at the end I managed to make only one. When I finished I was sure that my new child will  feel very happy with Henry and that he will enrich her story. 

This crane is called Aisling. Aisling is a common Irish girl's name. I decided she must be a girl, because she is elegant and beautiful, as only a girl can be. Her name may be translated as 'dream', and she dreams of flying away, travelling the world, and meeting interesting people along the way. As a crane, she is attracted to water, and here she is, perched happily, longingly over Bray harbour. Bray is a small town of 40,000 people located just south of Dublin. As can be seen, it has a nice beach, a small harbour, and is surrounded by hills, most notably Bray Head, the large hill rising straight from the sea that looms over the south of the town, and has lots of rocks, coves and cliffs. All these things make Bray a very good home for a crane, and I think she looks very pleased in her picture to have found such a place.
This picture was taken early on a Monday morning. The seafront in Bray was quiet and deserted, as all the people were busy getting back to the daily grind, going to offices, jobs and desks, while Aisling can relax outside in the fresh air, ready to enjoy everything this beautiful day has to offer. Maybe it's not such a bad life being a crane.
I'm not sure if Aisling will find an owner; I fear the pull of the wind and the lure of the sea may be too much for her. But I am glad for her also. As I said, she loves the water, and she is quite a resourceful yet easygoing crane. She won't worry about being cast adrift on life's sea of troubles. Rather, she will enjoy the ups and downs of the waves, and look forward to seeing where the current takes her. Wherever she goes, she can find happiness there.

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