Plovdiv Origami

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Two travellers are left today on a tree stump in the middle of a pedestrian boulevard in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They are made by Gian Paolo, who is doing Euro trip with his husband Bryan. They visited me for couple of days and embraced the idea for the lost origami. Actually GP (Gian Paolo) is professional in paper cranes. His sister could make the scene from Jesus's birth with origami. And Gian could fold Virgin Marry. I would really like to see that. However all we did together was paper cranes. And he just loves doing it. He is cutting every paper he finds and then he folds it to perfect crane. I have origami from chocolate deserts, papers, maps and whatever he could find useful. At some moments I think he is more exited than me about the idea. 
And since we are talking about travelling origamis, GP made two from map. So the new owner of GP's cranes will have not only amazingly good origami but also a map. Not a Google one, so you won't be able to tag, but it is enough to find the home for the colourful cranes.

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