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I just made an origami diorama for a friend's anniversary, per request. When I was asked to make something inside of this beautiful black gift box, I thought, why don't I make a pair of parrots. It is most appropriate for anniversary.

Out of all kinds of parrots, I decided to make Scarlet Macaws, out of red sheets of paper. I feel very special about Scarlet Macaws, ever since I saw them in Costa Rica. I had to travel far into jungles to see these birds in wild, but it was well worth the troubles. They are the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. They are always in pairs and spend their entire lives together.

There will be a romantic message to go on the right of the box (rid).
Parrots: model creator not listed. The instructions came in an origami package (written in Japanese).
Tree: from Genuine Origami: 43 Mathematically-Based Models, From Simple to Complex, by Jun Maekawa

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