Hungarian Origami from Yuya

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Origamis continue travelling through Europe. This one is made by Yuya, who is travelling around the world almost a year now. Yuya is a Japanese so he is perfect for making origami. When you think for Japan (if you are not from Asia of course) the first associations which will came to you mind are: small Asians, taking a lot of photos and hi-tech. If you think harder in your mind will emerge images of origami, tea, karate and sushi. 
Well, Yuya is not fitting the profile - he has long rasta hair, wears wide jeans and sports jacket. He is not crazy hi-tech owner, but he does take a lot of photos. Still he cannot make sushi. Actually his first sushi he made with me, or at least he said so. But origami... oh, he is the master of them. And each one of his paper cranes just smiles at you. That's what I call the power of native maker. 
He really liked the idea for lost origami. He liked it enough to write about it in his blog, which right now is one of the most read blogs in Japan. It's on first place of some rating site for travel blogs. His blog is amazing, however it is in Japanese, so I have hard time reading it, and lets face it - Google translator sucks in Japanese. I hope that he wrote nice things about me and didn't share the color of my underwear for example. Whatever he wrote it was good enough because yesterday I have more than 700 page views from Japan. I really hope that origamis will start spreading in Asia soon...
So here are the first traveller from Yuya. He left it in front of Terror Haza  (Hous of Terror) in Budapest. It is a  unique house-museum, which is made to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in this same building, which, by the way, survived two terror regimes. I think Yuya choose a very Hungarian place for his first origami. A place sad but unique which represents the strength and will of Hungarians. 

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