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Here comes our first origami from the land of weed - the best place for a crane to fly easily. Boyan is pretty new to making origami. Actually his experience is at the level of "I kind of tried once and it kind of happened". He is a typical student, who studies a lot, parties a lot and kind of drinks a lot. But being a Bulgarian - it is part of his culture. He really liked the idea of becoming a spreader, so much so that he sent me the photos while he was still at the crime scene. Unfortunately, I couldn't upload them that fast. Actually he made the origami after having exam. And considering that he had slept only 4 hours the previous night  because he was studying up to the last possible moment, he is definitely getting into the group of people who embraced the idea.
The first Netherlands origami is in Maastricht. It is lying on the shoulder of a very interesting statue of a young boy, who sells cigarettes. When I saw the photo I thought that the statue represents a poor boy, selling matches (like in Hans Christian Anderson's story "The Little match-seller"). I was pretty close, but you know that Dutch people are always connected with either tulips or cigarettes (weed preferably). So as soon as I got the GPS coordinates I could Google it and found out that our little friend is really poor but he is selling cigarettes, instead of matches and his name is Pieke oet de Stokstraot. And as guessed, he is a character from a novel by Dutch author Ber Hollewijn. Our cranes are free, so don't hesitate to take them.

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